Thursday, 9 May 2013

How to Make a Mother’s Day Gift Basket

Mother's Day is a very special season in which we honor and celebrate the special woman in life that either gave us life or continues to be like a mother to us. Certainly one of my favorite presents to give my mother is a gift basket. Mother's day gift baskets are fun to make, they may be tailored to suit the personality from the recipient, and allow you to showcase your creativity. They're also a good craft project to allow the kid's help with.

To get going, choose a color scheme to match Mom's personality and taste. Combine different hues and tints of her favorite shade. Keep your overall color scheme in your mind when choosing shredded tissue paper, balloons, and ribbons. You may also incorporate different shades and variations from the color scheme when picking out gifts.

Next, you need to select a container to carry the gift items. You can use the conventional wire or wicker basket inside a standard oval or round shape or locate one that is heart shaped. Other available choices for a holder could be a cute wastebasket, sturdy laundry basket, milk crate, or perhaps a nice piece of luggage. Before selecting a container to hold the contents, think about the size, shape, and quantity of items you will be putting in to the holder. Just make sure the size of the receptacle is big enough to accommodate the size and form of the contents.

Now comes the enjoyment part - shopping for what to fill the basket. There isn't any end to the list of goodies you are able to stuff into a mother's day gift basket. Lip balm, sunscreen, writing pens, sunglasses, glasses case, key chain, photo frame, first aid kit, flashlight, batteries, magazine subscription, pantyhose, perfume, jewelry, lotion, candles, packets of seeds, packets of tea or cocoa, mug, journal, book of poetry, romance novels, throw blanket, candy, subscription to some fruit of the month club, small household tool set, postage stamps, books on gardening or decorating, gardening gloves, music CD's, home video's of family memories, collage of family photographs, personalized stationary, gift certificates, gas cards, car air freshener, or even the always popular cold income.

Once you decide on the container, color scheme, and gifts, it's time to assemble the mothers day basket. Whatever you do is arrange everything neatly within the container to create an attractive display. For those who have a lot of bulky, heavy, or odd shaped items, you will need to use double-sided sticky tape to help keep things from shifting around and perhaps falling out. Shredded paper or tissue paper make good filler material for just about any empty spots and will give a festive touch as well. Finish everything off with some colorful ribbon or balloons along with a card.

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