Monday, 25 January 2016

5 Best Flowers Special Gift For Valentine's Day

The most popular gift on Valentine's Day is the gift of flowers. You can go to a local flower shop or order your Valentine's Day flowers online. If you can't figure out which flowers to get, long-stemmed red roses are always a hit on Valentine's Day.

Flowers have been a long-standing gift for Valentine's Day. February 14th is one of, if not the busiest days for florist. It really does not matter what type of flower you select to send to someone on Valentine's Day, but some flowers have a reputation for being more romantic than others. The following is a top ten list of the most romantic flowers for Valentine's Day.    

Lilacs were first cultivated in the Middle of the last century in Europe, and most of the varieties developed are those still sold today. They are available in white and Lavender, they are also very expensive at this time of year.

Rose Bouquets

You can’t go wrong with a bouquet of roses. They are always a perfect choice, whether you want to spoil a friend on her birthday or send love to beloved. An arrangement of roses will express just what you’re feeling. With their elegant form and unforgettable fragrance, the rose bouquet is one of the most famous gift and beloved of all blooms.


The daisy is familiar to most as a "weed" of the lawn. The upturned flower head looks like a single flower, but actually consists of a number of small, tightly, packed individual flowers or "florets."


The rose is a year round favorite. It is probably the best-loved flower in the world. The red rose is the symbol of England and is worn on St George's Day. It is also the symbol of love and the most popular flower given on Valentine's Day.


There are over 5,000 species of wild flowers. More than 20% of wildflowers belong to the sunflower family. They have an exotic beauty connected with them. Wildflowers have been given on Valentine's Day as far back as time can reveal.

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